【STORY】The Logo -the 2st story- (English Issue) | That and This

That and This は、現在準備中です。

2016/06/02 16:16

Hello, everyone.

This is the logo story, part 2 today.

Expressing movements of "working busy" 

by putting smaller alphabets to bigger ones from left to right.

Well movements of That & This aren't in one single direction.

Instead, putting each alphabets in different directions.

Unique typeface of "&" adds an essence of "playfulness."

Putting the shop's name in a circle shape instead of a square, 

to remove corners, and put "and" instead of "&" for readability. 

Creating 3 lines in fonts to express more "that & this".

Putting "that" and "this" horizontally.

Tried figuring out how much difference could make only by changing "and" designs.

Thus, many more logos were created.

As I summarize the processes of the logo design, I recognize how fun it is!

More love of the creation!

The final decision will be coming up next!

Bye, for now!